Our Approach

We are a company that we focus on the quality, security and customer service in everything that is regular cleaning Deep cleaning, Washing and elimination of mites on your mattress, we care about your safety and the care of your home. 

Our Story

in 2011 I began selling the rainbow machine system, after that I decide to buy one for give a cleaning services for people that call me to clean mattress, furniture and carpets to eliminate stains and mites that was in 2013 in the Dominican Republic., after that I moved to New York City and began the business in NY was very hard for me cause I don't know how the system work, but I never gave up.

after that in 2016 I registered the CCdeepcleaner here in NY and add the cleaning of house and apartaments., now in 2018 we open to the commercial business (restaurant and offices), I so glad to Gods first for give me the powerfull and to all my customer that believe in our company (their company too).

Meet the Team

This is part of our team the more important part of the company, without them the company would no be the same, thanks to all of them to be part of CCdeepcleaner.


Clarisa Guerrero Cabrera

Founder Member & CEO

she is the person who started her idea, nowadays her project of cleaning houses, apartments, offices and much more is a reality.


Ramon Cabrera

Founding member and Operational Manager he was a gummer for many years, now he works with Clarisa his wife, he is a person of great values and a support of the company and the family.

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Robert Guerrero

Founder Member




Part of our documentation

here you have the part of the document of our company, the business certificate and the insurance of the commercial liability. If you need anything else call us and we will collaborate.

Business Certifacate

Business certificate

Insurance Liability_0001

Insurance Liability

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